Mr. tagline change brings a world of difference

Since the launch of our brand on 1st September 2008 Mr. has always been committed to its tagline of “We put pack what life takes out”. We have always seen our role as that of providing men with a reliable, trustworthy and credible product that will put back into their skin what the stresses of life and the environment keep taking out! Then it dawned on us, that perhaps we were being a little presumptuous to think that we were in some way in control of how our customers utilised and purchased our products.

Our Founder, George Joshua Cupac very quickly realised that in fact that was exactly the kind of arrogant and elitist marketing that he himself denounced and believed was insulting to men. He then realised that in fact it was not up to him or for that matter Mr. to put back into men’s skin what life takes out of them; instead it was up to men THEMSELVES to take responsibility of their own actions and grooming. How they choose to and with which product they invest their trust in, is altogether their choice.

The role of Mr. therefore, is their to facilitate that action by becoming a genuine partner in the everyday lives of men who wish to look after their skin, the best way they know how! Because of this, Mr. recently changed its tag-line to “Put back what life take out” in support of all those men who have decided to take back control of their own skin care and general grooming.