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Our Story

In a land that boasts some of the harshest climatic conditions and terrain on the face of the planet – including burning deserts, rugged mountain ranges and punishing oceans – Australia is home to some of the most resistant and formidable indigenous plants on earth. They have to be tough to survive.

For hundreds of years the Australian Aborigines have used the antimicrobial and healing properties of native plants such as Tea Tree Oil, Lemon Myrtle, Australian Lavender, Ivy, Witch-Hazel, chamomile, Jojoba oil, Aloe-Vera, Centella and Almond oil.

The Bundjalung Aborigines of northern New South Wales viewed lagoons where Tea Tree leaves fell and decayed as having tremendous healing and anti-inflammatory properties and used them as healing spas. Tea Tree was also used as a treatment for headaches, skin infections, cuts and colds.

As a result, early Australian settlers quickly realised the benefits of using the oil from Tea Tree and these other plants as a barrier to protect their own skin from the severe environment.

Today, extensive research has confirmed the remarkable properties of Australian natives in protecting and replenishing damaged skin.

A man's skin requires different treatment to that of a woman's. His skin is typically thicker and oilier and the products he uses need to reflect this difference. Simply using what she has left in the bathroom cabinet, won't work successfully.

In 2006 George Cupac began researching and exploring the men's skincare market to see what was available for men and their distinctive skin requirements. What he found was a genuine lack of credible products designed for the unique needs of a men's skin in the harsh Australian climatic conditions.

In 2007 George embarked on creating a men's skincare brand that would be formulated for the needs of men. The vision was a skincare range, not only derived from natural Australian plants, but one that rises to the demands of life downunder.

He established a successful partnership with Dr. Jacob Vromen, one of Australia's early innovators of native Australian plant use and emulsion technology.

Dr Vromen holds a Ph.D., in Organic Chemistry, graduating Summa Cum Laude from Amsterdam University in the Netherlands.

George and Dr. Vromen jointly created the Mr. range drawing on Dr. Vromen's decades of revolutionary research into the application of Australian native plants to skin care, in particular that relating to Enzyme Treatments, and the Transdermal Delivery System.

The products are almost all naturally derived from native Australian plants and are designed to repair skin imbalances in any and all types of men's skin. Truly putting back in, what life takes out.

Now, being a real man and doing the things real men have to do, doesn't mean you have to put up with looking old and unhealthy. Maintaining young, fit and healthy skin won't take a lot of effort. Using the Mr. skin care products together with a simple regimen, means you can work hard and play hard but still look the part.

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